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More than half of all habitable land is used for agriculture – growing crops, providing pastures, producing feed for livestock. If we continue expanding current farming practices and meat-heavy dietary patterns, we could soon run out of wilderness. There’s no escaping it: the greatest threat to wildlife is farming. 


Yet, we can feed a growing world population while creating space for ecosystems to recover and flourish. Let’s transform the way we produce food!


  • Stop agricultural expansion. Embrace new protein sources, support diets rich in vegetables, and encourage smarter use of agricultural land. 

  • Abolish meat subsidies. Invest in alternative proteins to alleviate animal suffering and reduce both emissions and the use of land and water. 

  • Change restrictive, outdated regulations so Europeans can partake in food innovation and use modern genomic methods with environmental benefits. 

  • Concentrate farming on the most productive lands and allow for sustainable intensification. Give marginal lands to low-yield farming or return them to nature. 

  • Rewilding to protect half the globe. Use land spared from agriculture for conservation and restoration of ecosystems aimed at increasing biodiversity.  

Read more about our ReBoot Food Campaign here:

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