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Human ingenuity has made us healthier, wealthier, and more connected. But it has done so at terrible cost: Planet Earth is suffering. The story of our progress has been a story of nature’s collapse.


But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if we could feed 10 billion people, while rewilding the Earth? What if we could produce plentiful energy, while cooling our heating climate? What if we could lift humanity up, while setting nature free? 

Today, for the first time in history, we have the tools to do all of this. If we’re brave enough to use them, something magical could be about to happen.


The key is a radical change in our relationship with land. We must concentrate our footprint to provide space for abundant nature.


We must prioritize policies and technologies that enable this shift, and bring the wilderness back into the world’s ecosystems and habitats. 

At the same time, we must affirm the rights of all humanity – especially in the Global South – to prosperity and wellbeing.

We acknowledge and support the ambitions of hundreds of millions facing poverty to enjoy the benefits of modern life. 


We fight for a thriving natural world and a thriving human world. Radically better land use allows for this. We must do many things at once. Employ clean energy and reverse climate change. Reform food production and spare the land. Bring back lost species and rewild. Support the aspirations of emerging countries to get ahead in life.

Our Vision
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  • We remain respectful of others. We do not blame and shame individuals. We focus on systemic changes. We reject any use of violence.

  • We follow the science. If others refuse to accept scientific evidence on any topic, we consider it our duty to point this out. 

  • We are open-minded. In the light of better evidence, we’re ready to change our minds. We support technologies as means, not ends. 

  • We embrace diversity. We appreciate the fact that we need to cooperate with people with different ideas and backgrounds. 

  • We revere all life. We affirm the rights of all sentient beings to wellbeing. 

Our Values
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